Kitchen Cabinet Doors, Inc. is a manufacturing company established by Robbie Moyal. With over 20 years of research and experience in the thermofoil business, we have become a leading manufacturer of a large variety of high-quality thermofoil products. 

Kitchen Cabinet Doors, Inc. caters to the kitchen and closet industries by offering over 100 designs in a wide range of door styles, edges, and accessories. From solid colors and glossy finishes to wood grains, we provide a vast selection of thermofoil finishes and colors to suit all customer preferences.

We use a highly sophisticated and computerized router among the world’s most advanced to achieve precise product designs. Our technology makes it possible for our customers to choose and mix any edge profiles, inside profiles, and styles when creating doors and accessories. Our membrane press is equally advanced and can foil pieces up to 8 feet. We can also foil any of our products up to 1.25 inches thick.

With our expertise and advanced technology, we deliver durable products in a fast and efficient manner. 

Our Thermofoil Products:

  • Kitchen Cabinet Doors
  • Drawer Fronts
  • Closet Doors
  • Shelves
  • Wall Panels
  • Accessories
    • Crown Moldings
    • Valances
    • Wine Racks
    • Toe Kicks
    • Base Fillers
    • Wall Fillers
    • Fluted Fillers
    • Fluted Fillers w. Rosettes
    • Peel & Stick Foil to Match
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